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The best Internet protection

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We sell a downloadable version, which only need to download the address on the version of the software you need to be downloaded to your computer, and then activate using your software license that we send to your email. At last you can use it. It is very convenient and fast, it is unnecessary to send DVD, thus there is no postage, you will not wait for mail time. No Packaging, No Shipping, No Waiting: There is no shipping or packaging required for this electronic software download, reducing its environmental footprint.

The sent software license supports English, German, French, global version of the globe.

We will send the licence to your email as soon as you pay for it.
After your getting the licence, please download the latest official Kaspersky Internet Security and install it.

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Product Features

  • Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 delivers essential anti-virus protection with advanced features such as a best-in-class firewall, anti-spam, and more
  • Hourly signature updates, best-in-class unknown threat protection, and application alerts give you complete confidence
  • Safe Desktop allows you to safely open any suspicious application, file, email or web site
  • Enhanced parental controls to limit or log activities and communications
  • Small footprint, tiny updates and intelligent scanning lets your machine perform to the max

Product Description

Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 has everything that you need to stay safe and secure while you’re living online.Award-winning technologies offer the most advanced protection from all online threats viruses spyware Trojans rootkits spam hackers and more. And they proactively seek  out suspicious activity on your system eliminating emerging threats before they can cause any harm to your PC.What’s New for 2011! New! Safe Surf. New! System Watcher. New! Desktop Security Gadget*. Improved! Award-Winning Technologies. Improved! Emerging Threat Detection. Improved! Urgent Detection System. Improved! Anti-Phishing Protection & Virtual Keyboard. Improved! Safe Run. Improved! Advanced Parental Controls. Improved! Anti-Spam & Two-Way Firewall.Here’s What You Get With Kaspersky Award-winning Technologies – Complete protection from known and emerging Internet threats while utilizing minimal computer resources behind-the-scenes. Small Frequent Updates – Small hourly database updates that won’t slow down your computer or web connection. Emerging Threat Detection – Kaspersky technologies proactively seek out suspicious activity on your system blocking dangerous actions before they can cause any harm. Safe Surf – Delivers unparalleled online security so you’ll never stumble onto dangerous offensive websites. Curomize Safe Surf settings to alert you to “suspicious” sites. System Watcher – Cutting-edge technology for proactive defense against emerging threats. System Watcher monitors and analyzes system activity to detect any dangerous behavior – without draining performance. Desktop Security Gadget*  – For quick access to your protection status and settings. Customizable buttons allow you to have the security features you use the most close-at-hand. Anti-Phishing Protection and Virtual Keyboard – Your digital identity and passwords are absolutely secure when you’re shopping banking or networking.









Core Protection
Award-Winning Protection plus Maximum Performance
Exceptional antivirus security starts with a powerful database of malware signatures to combat any viruses thrown your way. Kaspersky delivers small, frequent updates to your security databases to guarantee your constant protection while maintaining maximum PC performance. Combined with real-time, cloud-based scanning of files, Internet downloads, and email attachments, Kaspersky’s leading technologies ensure you’re always safe.
Real-Time Protection
Kaspersky’s Urgent Detection System offers the ultimate in real-time protection when you surf the web, use email, or download files. Our global team of virus analysts can red-flag previously unknown malware within minutes of its inception, giving you the ultimate protection as new threats emerge.
Two-Way Firewall
Kaspersky’s best-in-class, two-way firewall provides a secure perimeter around your PC to keep hackers out. But it also provides protection in the opposite direction by controlling what’s transmitted from your PC to the outside world, stopping malware from sending out your personal information. It’s one more layer of defense keeping your personal information from falling into the wrong hands.
Advanced Protection
Emerging Threat Detection
System Watcher is the latest advancement in proactive protection against emerging threats. It monitors and analyzes system activity to detect any dangerous behavior – without draining performance. Malicious actions can be rolled-back, preventing any permanent damage to your PC.
Application Control
Kaspersky’s unique Application Control uses real-time threat intelligence to determine security privileges for every application you launch – without impacting system performance. Unknown or suspicious applications are watched or restricted from potentially-harmful actions, and potentially dangerous applications are completely blocked from harming your system.
Safe Surf
Kaspersky’s unique Safe Surf provides unparalleled online security, so you’ll never stumble onto dangerous or offensive websites. You can customize Safe Surf settings to alert you to suspicious sites, helping you make informed decisions about where to share your personal information
Safe Desktop*
Kaspersky’s unique Safe Desktop provides an added layer of protection for running suspicious or unknown applications, files, emails, and websites. This desktop mimics your actual desktop, but is completely walled-off from your data and PC settings, so you can test-drive anything suspicious with total confidence that no harm will come to your system.
Online Banking Mode*
Online banking is incredibly convenient, and now it’s safer than ever. Simply enable Kaspersky’s unique Online Banking mode and your financial websites will automatically open in a special walled-off environment. This extra layer of security keeps hackers out and ensures your financial information is always safe.
Spam can be more than an annoyance – it can be a vehicle for delivering malware to your PC. Kaspersky blocks the most common spam emails as soon as you install it, but it also trains itself based on your email habits.
Vulnerability Detection
Kaspersky Internet Security finds vulnerable programs on your PC that haven’t been updated with the latest fixes. We assist in patching those holes in your protection before they can be exploited by viruses, spyware, and identity thieves.
Geo Filter
Kaspersky’s unique Geo Filter lets you block content from specified countries. If you have no interest in content from non-English speaking countries – which include many with a history of producing malware – you can prevent that potential malware from reaching your machine. Now you don’t have to worry about a perfectly legitimate and trusted English-language website being compromised and sending you malware from an overseas server.
Rootkit Detection
Rootkits are designed to conceal system infections, and can be very difficult to detect by common antivirus tools. Kaspersky Internet Security uses special methods specifically designed to detect rootkits before they install, ensuring you’re protected from this advanced threat.

As an internationally renowned manufacturer of information security, Kaspersky enjoys a very high reputationhas in the industry. Recently, PcAdvisor ,a famous IT website in foreign countries,  summarizes the top ten IT products in the most closely watched industry in 2011, among which  the full feature security software 2011– Kaspersky’s star product of the year,  becomes the only security software listed in antivirus software 2009, and shares the honor of 2011 best top 10 IT product with Win7, Apple iPhone (WAP) , mobile 3GS and so on.

It is understood that the list is summarized by PcAdvisor based on various types of data analysis over a year, among which Microsoft’s Windows 7 operating system, Apple iPhone 3GS, HTC Touch Pro2 Smartphone, the Sims 3, (Sims 3) and many other top IT products are included. The reason for Kaspersky full function security software 2011 to be the only one to won the honor in the capacity of professional security software is its excellent performance in the large well-known domestic and foreign testing body and good reputation among the users.



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