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norton-internet-security-2011- 1User-3PCs-buy-cheap

norton-internet-security-2011- 1User-3PCs-buy-cheap


Dear customers: Norton product key you purchased need to be installed software downloaded from Norton website first, please enter the purchased KEY into the dialog box as prompted, waiting to be verified, after validation, the expiry date of the product will be displayed, then the installation of Norton is completed and ready to use. Please see the following legends to know the installation process:

We sell a downloadable version, which only need to download the address on the version of the software you need to be downloaded to your computer, and then activate using your software license that we send to your email. At last you can use it. 

It is very convenient and fast, it is unnecessary to send DVD, thus there is no postage, you will not wait for mail time. 

The sent software license supports English, German, French, global version of the globe. 

We will send the licence to your email as soon as you pay for it.
After your getting the licence, please download the latest official Norton 360 and install it.

 Then input the licence that we send to you into the Norton

If there is any question, please send us e-mail, we will reply within 24 hours, and solve the problem for you.

we will wholeheartedly at your service.

Product Features

  • Norton 360 Version 5.0 keeps you safe with comprehensive, easy-to-use protection from almost any threat that comes your way
  • Keep your computer running its best and protect your photos, music, and other important files from loss
  • Prevent cybercriminals from stealing your identity and money when you surf, shop, socialize, and bank online
  • Email, chat, and download files with protection from threats, cybercriminal attacks, and online scams
  • Help keep your kids safe when they go online with parental controls management


Product Description

  When it comes to your identity, your computer, and your files, you can never have too much protection. Norton 360 provides comprehensive, easy-to-use protection that defends against nearly any threat. It’s the industry’s fastest, lightest2 all-in-one security solution. Norton 360′s PC Tuneup boosts overall performance and keeps your computer running at its best. Automatic online or local backup helps keep your important files and photos safe from loss. Plus, our exclusive Insight technology blocks up to 100% of viruses1 and our Social Media Scanner warns you of unsafe websites and Facebook posts so you can share links without worrying about passing on or receiving threats. Prevent cybercriminals from stealing your identity and money when you surf, shop, socialize, and bank online.










Comprehensive, easy-to-use protection for your computer, your identity and your files

Key Technologies
  • PC tuneup
  • Phishing protection
  • Local backup
  • Online identity protection
  • Parental controls management
  • 2 GB of automated online backup
  • Smart firewall
  • Antivirus
  • Antispyware
  • Antispam
  • Network mapping and monitoring
  • Worm protection
  • Rootkit protection
  • Bot protection
  • Pulse updates
Key Benefits

Why Choose Norton 360™ Version 5.0?

  • Keep your computer running its best
  • Back up your photos, music, and other important files
  • Surf, shop, socialize, and bank online safely
  • Email, chat, and download files without worry
  • Help keep your kids safe online

Keep your computer running its best

  • Fast, light all-in-one protection won’t slow down your PC or gobble up memory.
  • Boosts computer startup time so you can get up and running fast.
  • Rids your hard drive of unnecessary clutter to free up room for important files and to help your computer run faster.
  • Installs in less than a minute with a single click.

Back up your photos, music, and other important files

  • Automatically backs up your files to disc, USB device or our secured online data centers.
  • Includes 2 GB of online storage.
  • Lets you recover your important files in case of hard drive crash or other computer disaster.
  • Lets you easily share files with friends and family by simply emailing links to your files.
  • Works with both Mac® and Windows® computers so you can easily transfer files between them.

Surf, shop, socialize, and bank online safely

  • Remembers, secures and automatically enters usernames and passwords to speed up log-ins and prevent cybercriminals from stealing your information.
  • Blocks unsafe and malicious websites, including phishing sites that could steal your identity or your money.
  • Lets you scan your social networking news feed for suspicious links and other crimeware.

Email, chat, and download files without worry

  • Detects and eliminates viruses, spyware and other threats before they can do damage.
  • Warns you if a downloaded file is dangerous before you install it on your PC.
  • Prevents crimeware from being secretly downloaded to your computer.
  • Blocks annoying and potentially dangerous spam.

Help keep your kids safe online

  • Receive the latest status updates from Norton Online Family right from your Norton Control Center.
  • Tracks which websites your kids visit and blocks access to inappropriate sites.
  • Keeps an eye on your kids’ social network activities and who they’re chatting with online.
  • Insight — Instantly checks where files came from and how long they’ve been around to identify and stop new crimeware fast for industry-leading online threat detection.
  • PC tuneup — frees up memory so applications start up and run faster, and removes unnecessary files to improve hard drive performance.
  • Automated backup — securely and automatically backs up your photos, videos, music, financial documents and other important files.
  • Norton Safe Web Social Media Scanner — lets you check your Facebook Wall and News Feed for bad links and other threats from your Norton Control Center.
  • Proactive Performance Alerts — let you know when an application is slowing down your PC so you can make changes to improve performance.
  • Parental controls management — provides the latest updates on your kids’ online activity from your Norton Control Center, so you can help keep them safe from online dangers.
  • Online recovery and restore — lets you quickly and easily download, view, edit and share files you backed up online, anytime, anywhere, to any computer through a password-protected website only you can access.
  • Norton Safe Web — warns you of unsafe or fake websites right in your search results and automatically blocks them.*
  • SONAR 3 Behavioral Protection — monitors your PC for suspicious behavior to quickly detect new attacks and other crimeware.
  • Free 24×7 support — lets you get help and answers by phone, email, live chat or online whenever you need it.**

Norton 360 version 5.0, the almighty computer and optimization of automatic backup performance to ensure that the computer to upgrade, the best performance operation at the same time, safeguard the important content in the computer security. Computer function optimization now adopt a more rapid registry cleaning procedures, key can be optimized system setup, free memory to speed up the application’s up and running speed, delete unnecessary documents in order to improve the performance of hard disk. In addition to speed up the backup, repair performance, reduces the influence of system,Norton 360 at present still can let users from safety backup video, download music and photos, financial documents and other important documents process, get unprecedented relaxed experience. In addition, norton 360 almighty for individual users provides a new backup progress indicator, and at the same time, the user can also to online backup files for encryption, in order to get extra protection. norton 360 product key
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